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What is Copywriting?

Dear Business Owners,

Copywriting is one of the most mysterious non-mysteries in the business world. It's something that affects you every single day, yet you may not be aware of it.

In essence, copywriters develop creative concepts and quality copy that businesses use to inform and persuade their audience. Copywriters use the written word to take an ambiguous topic/service/product and bring it into the light!

For example, imagine you're a dog walker. You own a dog walking business in your local area and are looking for more clients. You will need a website, social media accounts, possibly some profiles on dog walker apps or other job posting sites, and some flyers to post around the neighborhood.

You also want to let your audience know what kind of dogs you walk, where you walk, what time of day you're available, your pricing, your experience, and some references/testimonials.

A copywriter can create all of the written content for your dog walking business and will write it in a way that is informative, persuasive, creative and engaging, and effective!

Copywriting is any written word that an audience can read or listen to via videos and recordings. Now, you can see how copywriters affect you every single day without you even realizing!

Copywriting is everywhere - the billboards you pass and the radio commercials you listen to on your morning commute, the websites you visit for your own profession, and so much more.

But there are also many misconceptions about copywriting. Here are a few myths:

  • Copywriters are also graphic designers,

  • Copywriters are also SEO experts,

  • Copywriters are also social media managers,

  • Copywriters are also bloggers,

  • Copywriters are also video and audio producers...

And the list could go on and on.

Copywriting is a very specific skill set that is in and of itself a full-time job. Though there are many copywriters who can help in some of these areas, it shouldn't be assumed that any copywriter can fill the shoes of other full-time creative spaces.

What copywriters CAN do is to partner with, or recommend, their preferred companies to provide all of the services needed for your small business.

If you're a small business owner without the time, skills, or resources to create your own creative copy or marketing materials, the Sierra Agency can work to get the job done!

I hope this helps in demystifying copywriting and what value we can bring to your business.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please reach out to me at!

Talk to you again soon!



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