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Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay. Do You Still Need a Copywriter?

Lately, there is only one thing on the minds of SEOs and digital marketers: artificial intelligence.

While AI sparks fear and cynicism in the hearts of many, for marketers it’s a miracle worker. Tools like Jasper.AI and ChatGPT being the frontrunners, the use cases are only beginning to be discovered. For marketers, these tools can create instant content based on a couple of keywords.

So, if AI tools are being used to create great content in seconds…do you even need a copywriter anymore?

It’s a valid question that I will try to answer in this article. But, like all marketing questions, my answer is “it depends.” Unless you are ChatGPT, in which case it’s pretty straightforward (see below).

But I know you still have some questions. I did as well when Jasper.AI and ChatGPT entered the scene.

Some of my questions included:

  1. What is the difference between Jasper.AI and ChatGPT?

  2. Will these tools replace copywriters?

  3. How will these tools affect SEO?

  4. Will ranking in Google still matter?

Let’s jump in!

Question #1: What is the difference between Jasper.AI and ChatGPT?

Jasper.AI is a tool using artificial intelligence models to produce content for specific business use cases. This tool is built for businesses and marketing professionals creating content with strategically selected verbiage and tone. With the many features created by Jasper.AI’s team, it is a user-friendly platform specifically built for quality content creation.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that produces written responses to any number of queries. Unlike Jasper.AI, ChatGPT is not built specifically with copywriters in mind. Also, ChatGPT is only trained on data prior to 2021. Basically, ChatGPT is not yet connected to the internet, limiting its ability to pull information of recent events or technological advances over the last two years.

If you’re hiring a copywriter (or thinking of hiring a copywriter), you may want to ask if they use Jasper.AI or ChatGPT.

This will tell you three things:

  1. This copywriter is a fast adopter of new technologies that make their job easier.

  2. This copywriter will be able to produce various options for headlines, value propositions, and more.

  3. You will want to ask for information on their writing process and how they alter the AI-produced content for their clients.

Copywriters that deny the value of these tools may not realize what they’re missing. This doesn’t mean that they are bad copywriters, of course. But if they’re charging by the hour and not using tools that speed up their process, you may be paying for their inability to adopt new technology.

Question #2: Will these tools replace copywriters?

It’s a great question with a simple answer: NO! These tools will not replace copywriters.

The brilliant thing about these tools is the ability to enhance a copywriter’s process in creating quality content.

But, like ChatGPT told us earlier in this article, AI tools “are not a substitute for the creativity, expertise, and strategy that a human copywriter can bring to the table.”

You still need a copywriter to create the interesting concepts for your content and to write with original angles and tone. Also, most importantly, you’ll still need sources of quality and trusted information – something that a chatbot cannot guarantee.

Still not convinced? Check out Alex Cattoni’s interview with Jasper.AI’s CMO, Austin Distel. She asks all the juicy questions about Jasper’s functionality and the future of AI assistants for copywriters.

Question #3: How will these AI tools affect SEO?

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ll probably have seen the headlines.

“Is AI giving a death sentence to SEO?”

“SEO is Dying, AI is Taking Over.”

“How ChatGPT Killed SEO.”

The good news is that these headlines are simply clickbait. AI tools are not killing the need for search engine optimization (SEO) because consumers still crave the ability to select credible sources and read opinions written by a human.

Chatbots simply take information from a (or a few) sources and spit out the information requested of them. There are many chatbots that do things differently, but the outputs are relatively similar. They are tools to be leveraged for improving your website’s search engine ranking.

Today, with AI tools like Jasper and ChatGPT, copywriters can quickly complete thorough keyword research, create interesting headlines, formulate metadata, and make many menial SEO tasks a thing of the past.

Fortunately, in this economic climate, SEOs have job security as long as your business needs to rank in search engines. Copywriters will also have a job in helping your business create search engine optimized content and website copy.

Question #4: Will ranking in Google still matter?

Yes, ranking in Google and other major search engines is still the name of the game for businesses.

AI tools are still a relatively new technology that is yet to be adopted by most users of the internet. Therefore, for the time being, ranking in Google should still be a goal for your business or tech startup.

To help calm your nerves, check out Google’s help page for more information on what they’re doing to combat low-quality content created by chatbots and categorizing content that is purely created for ranking as spam.

To make sure that your content is not flagged and dinged by Google’s new algorithms, make sure your copywriter is:

  • Re-writing the AI-generated content to create the highest quality information that is beneficial to readers (with reputable sources).

  • Creating content that shows expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (Google).

To prove that Google’s search engine will still be relevant in the near future, they created their own chatbot and then failed to provide correct answers during their launch party. Well played, Google.

The end of SEO is nowhere in sight, and, in fact, SEO is going to be a hell of a lot easier with these AI tools (if they’re used correctly)


So, should you hire a copywriter? Should you continue to invest in search engine optimization?

Yes and yes!

Should you worry about an artificial intelligence take-over?

Absolutely not.

With so many amazing uses for these tools, you will want to ensure you have the most tech-forward team for your innovative tech startup’s success. And fortunately for your company, it’s the early adopters of this technology that will come out on top.

We wish you luck in all of your artificial intelligence learning endeavors!

*AI copywriter now booting down*

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