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Email Copywriting

The Sierra Agency provides email copywriting services for tech startups in industries like, Christian tech, SaaS, travel & tourism, real estate, and more! 

Email copywriting is the text and the concepts found in emails sent to your customer base and subscription lists. You can use email marketing in many creative ways to reach your audience. We can create content that you can cross-polinate into email marketing campaigns.

Don't have an email list and not sure where to start? We can help with this as well. 

Types of Email Copywriting

One-Time Email

We specialize in email copywriting campaigns, but there might be an instance where you just need the copy for one email blast. If that's the case, please reach out! 

Subscription List Welcome Sequence (Drip Campaign)

When a new subscriber joins your email list, they'll expect an email sequence (AKA drip campaign) that sends them emails over the next few days or weeks. These emails will detail more about your business, community, services, etc. Each email will provide resources or brand messaging to your subscriber and ensure you are maintaining their attention.

The point of these types of campaigns is to build your brand name by popping up in their email inbox on a recurring basis. 

Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter is a great way to provide updates on your business without sending too many emails that clog a subscriber's inbox. This email will highlight 5-8 items (blog posts, events, sign ups, offers, etc) once per month in order to keep your audience engaged and updated.


You may want to continually send emails that highlight topics your subscribers find useful and interesting. This is to keep them engaged and ensure your brand is top of mind when they're ready to purchase. The general rule of thumb is no more than 2 emails per week. 

Launch Campaign

Launching a new offer is a great reason to start a launch campaign via email. If you have a subscriber list already, you can use this list to release new products or services and get some nearly guaranteed sales. This is only successful if you have also nurtured your email subscriber list throughout the year.


There are so many more uses for email communications. Thankfully, copywriters at the Sierra Agency are flexible and understand that different businesses have different needs. Reach out and let us know what kind of email marketing copywriting you need, and we'll create a custom quote just for you! 

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